Jackie Talmo creates spaces that clients are happy to
live in. She approaches each design project in a way
that suits your specific needs and desires—whether
the design is a cozy family room or the lobby of a New York apartment building. Jackie's style combines livable uncluttered comfort, bold scale and sophisticated colors. And beyond finding the best looking furnishings or the right fabrics, she solves design problems in ways that suit the lifestyle of the people who will use the space.

Jackie Talmo décor is an outgrowth of a life-long love
of interior design combined with a creative background in fashion and textile design. Jackie began designing interiors in Newport Beach, California, and has applied her skills ever since to a broad range of residential and commercial projects.

Recent Jackie Talmo décor projects include the design of an eight-room apartment overlooking Central Park, the renovation of a kitchen and bathrooms in a Westside pre-war, re-doing the hallways and lobby of an Eastside co-op, and creating floor plans and color palettes for a new construction high-rise condominium.
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Jackie Talmo décor
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